Information for Actor Headshot Sessions

Pricing for headshots starts at $200. Contact me for details. 

As an actor or an artist, a professional headshot is one of your most important marketing tools. 

I help actor & artist professionals get that just-right headshot, the one that captures realness and authenticity that's needed for a headshot that works. The end-goal is to connect you with your audience and to create images that help advance your career and increase audition rates. The same applies if you are an artist, a musician, or a band that needs images, whether they be for a website, promotional material, or album art. In these images we will work together to achieve the mood or look you like, and the best representation of you and your artistry. 

Shoots can occur outdoors, or in a studio setting, depending on what you would like; I have all the tools required to achieve the shot and am also proficient in photoshop skills. Post-photo shoot we can examine and discuss which images work best - we are looking for images that grab attention and that can connect to viewers. Essentially we are looking for stopping-power: a photo that will STOP an agent, a casting director, producers or directors. 

With regards to what to wear for your session:
- Vary your necklines (v-neck, crew neck, button downs, collars, sweaters, tank tops, etc)
- Vary your colors and avoid graphic tops with large logos. 
- Generally, avoid overly patterned tops; form-fitting attire, generally as well, tends to work better than overly flowing wardrobe
- Please bring extra clothing items which can be layered, such as sweaters, zip-tops, jackets, scarves, etc
- Both casual and dressy items are welcome
- Clothes should be wrinkle and stain free
- Feel free to discuss accessories with me
- Unless we are doing full length portraits, shoes do not matter; in the same way, pants, skirts, denim, khakis depending on what we shoot
- Pleas bring plenty of clothing options so that we have enough to choose from. 

It's not so much what you are wearing but about selling you! Whatever you decide to bring along, make sure you can look into the mirror and feel great in it!