Information for newborn shoots

Pricing for pregnancy shoots start at $175
Pricing for newborn shoots start at $250
Pricing for baby shoots start at $200
Pricing for children shoots start at $200
Contact me for details.

Newborns are usually photographed anywhere from 5-14 days (plus or minus several days). It's best to book either during your pregnancy session or as soon as the baby is born. Dates are set from your due date or scheduled c-section, with the understanding that we can easily move the date or time, if baby comes early or late. Babies are best photographed around 6-10 days, but this can also be dependent upon the weight. Smaller babies (5/6 pounds) may be photographed around 12-14 days, while bigger babies around 5-12 days. Being sensitive to Mama's recovery, I will work with you to help make the shoot a success. The idea is to have gorgeous newborn photos. 

Sessions will most likely occur in the baby's home for your ease and comfort. Newborn sessions generally take about 2 hours, though sessions can go over or even under the 2 hours - we will not rush and allow for plenty of time - your baby will be our guide. If desired, general retouching is provided  and extensive retouching may require an additional fee; this is only done upon request. You are welcome to ask for any particular post processed style and I value your input in session planning. With regards to umbilical cords, we can pose in a way that will disguise it.

Depending on what image results are desired, I will use either studio or natural light. Newborns are best shot while sleeping, after a feed. The room should be very warm (even uncomfortably warm), especially for nude baby shots. White noise may help. We can make use of materials, wraps, blankets, clothing, toys, etc. If you have special requests just let me know and I can try to accommodate as long as it is safe for the baby. I take baby safety & care very seriously! Some of the cute baby poses that are now popular may require retouching involved on my end, and babies are never put in harmful positions. While I always try very hard to get "the shot", it's not always possible with babies and children, and so I cannot guarantee a shot selection, but we will certainly try.

When you sign up for the babyplan, you will have a set number of sessions on your account to use, depending on the plan purchased. You can then call to schedule accordingly. Some families choose to shoot every three months, others hit the key milestones, while others come annually. In each session we will capture the milestone, and you can change clothing, opt for baby nudity and siblings are always welcome. Parents are also welcome to join in any session. As the babies become walking toddlers, we can even schedule a location session.

•    0-3 months: tiny yawns, tiny cries, tiny hands; the beauty of your baby
•    3-6 months: tummy time or baby is sitting up; beautiful baby faces
•    6-9 months: crawl positions and possibly standing with guidance; favourite toys
•    9-12 months: independence - baby can be standing with little or no guidance, and some are even learning to walk
•    18 months: they are walking, cruising and climbing
•    2 years: on the run!

Information for baby shoots

Most of the above still applies. 

Information for children or family shoots

My goal is not just to capture something that looks good, but something that feels good too. Sessions may occur within a studio setting, or they can be captured in a natural or home setting. Generally, the key to these sessions are interaction, so let's plan out the perfect time spent. Is it making breakfast together, hanging at the park, skating, getting ice cream together? All this will also be helpful for either the active child or for the shy ones who don't like to sit and have their portraits taken. These sessions are about capturing the essence of your family during these moments and freezing it to cherish for years to come. Sessions are usually a couple of hours, though it helps that I am not fixed on time since I enjoy what I am doing, and so there are no strict time limits. We can shoot till I feel we have gotten the images I know you will like. 

Information for Pregnancy shoots

Congratulations! You are expecting a new addition to your family – exciting! What better time than now to have  photos taken and document the start of your family story?

The Pregnancy Stage of a woman’s life is one of the fastest growing developmental times. It's not always comfortable…the cramps, the bloating, the swelling… not feeling so amazing?! It’s okay. My job as a photographer is to make you look and feel amazing during our session. Pregnancy photos can be wonderful gifts for the next generation. It provides a sense of how proud you were to be called their Mother and what a privilege carrying them was. Having such photos for your children could be an eventually cherished gift, a window into their life. 

The best time to schedule your pregnancy session is around 28-34 weeks, when the tummy is nice and round. This will vary with each women – and some women who carry small, or gain little weight may choose to wait until they are 36-38 weeks.You want to come when you feel good, have a nice belly but before the downward venture begins! Other women who are growing a bit more rapidly, may choose to come around 28-32 weeks. The idea is to come when you are nice and comfortable and have a nice round belly. Multi-stage shoots are also a possibility, depending on desired results. All portraits are respectfully photographed in good taste.