General Information

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Q: Let's start with the big one: Why should I choose Michael Ritter photography?
A: I believe it's because I sincerely try to produce the best images I can for you, and have developed the skills it takes to do so. I take pride in investing myself in your work, and take the necessary time to accomplish a successful shoot. Additionally, I have studied diligently to learn all the skills required for producing beautiful imagery (vision, composition, lighting, photoshop, technical aspects, etc). I will guide you throughout the entire process, including if need be, wardrobe decisions, and with instructions on posing and various looks during the shoot. I can provide you with artistic and style decisions. I'm not your typical photographer in the sense that I can do such a wide variety of styles and techniques. Whatever your photographic needs may be, I am committed to always doing the very best work that I can possibly do. Don't simply take my word for all this - I believe my portfolio should do most of the speaking, so please have a look! 

Q: How many final images will we receive? Do we choose which final images we get? 
A: While many frames will be taken at your shoot, only the very best of those images will be finalized for you. I will meticulously go through all your photos and weed out all the obvious clunkers or shots that miss the mark. I am a big believer in quality over quantity, and I will provide you with as many good photos as were produced, absolutely keeping in mind the agreed upon number of images promised for your shoot. Once a proof selection is provided, you can then choose the images you would like to be finalized for your set. Images that aren't chosen won’t be released to my clients, as they won’t be edited. This is similar to musicians not releasing tracks that didn't make the cut. :)

Q: Are the images we receive edited? And what kind of post processing do you do?
A: Certainly, all the images you receive will be edited by me, with great care, and are edited along my standards and style to match my vision. I have studied Photoshop extensively and can use it both appropriately and skilfully. You will receive ready-to-print, high-resolution JPEG files, or prints. The post processing I do includes, but is not limited to, exposure, white balance, colour, contrast, and saturation. Fairly simple and nothing intensive for starters, but I can certainly do much more as well. This can be discussed and applied as required. Basic editing and retouching is included; should extensive retouching be needed or desired, extra fees will apply. 

Sometimes an image really comes alive and transforms from a so-so image to a great image with some editing or style effects. It really is a matter of assessing each image! In general, I do like to keep my photos looking natural or stylistic.

Q: What about black and white photos? Will we get any?
A: Yes, you can also have the option of having black & white photos. I'm a big fan of B&W and invest myself in processing these well.

Q: Where do we shoot?
A: Ultimately it depends on the type of images you would like and circumstances. However, I am versatile and equipped to either shoot at any location, in my studio, or can even bring the studio to you! I have a portable studio and so can set up in most spaces. 

Q: Will the final images we receive have watermarks?
A: No, the final images won’t have any watermarks on them. I understand some photographers may opt to do that, but it’s not something I do.

Q: I do not want to be displayed on your website. Will my privacy be assured?
A: I take your privacy seriously and understand the importance of privacy for individuals. This is always discussed beforehand, and should there be images that would make great additions to my portfolio I ask for permission. 

Q: How do you deliver the images?
A: If digitized, they can be passed on either with a USB key, a DVD, or via an on-line storage exchange method. If they are prints, they can be mailed to you.

Q: Can you provide images that are web or email friendly? Photos that are great for internet viewing but won't slow down the uploading or usage of my website?
A: Yes.

Q: How do we book?
A: See the "Contact Me" section of my website or directly use the form in the "Send a message" tab under Details. To secure a date, I require an agreement and a deposit. I can’t hold any dates without those two things.

Q: I love some of your images and would even like some prints for wall art. Do you sell your images?
A: Yes, some of my categories and the images in them are available for print sale (Art and Travel images for example). Please contact me to discuss requirements and pricing. 

Q: Can I purchase a session as a gift?
A: Most definitely. Email me and we can work out the details.

Q: Do you charge for travel?
A: My photography coverage includes travel for up to a 40 km radius from Oakville. There is a small charge for additional km’s. 

Q: Do you work internationally?
A: Yes I do! I also know many wonderful and unique locations and backdrops. I love to travel, so send me an email and we can chat.

Q: Do you have a Facebook page so that I can connect with you and follow your work?