Information for Retro Style Portrait Sessions

Pricing for Retro style portrait sessions start at $375. Contact me for details.

This has become one of my favourite types of photo shoots. These fun shoots seek to recreate the old Hollywood Glamour style images that were timelessly beautiful and popular back in the 1920's/30's/40's and 50's. We will turn you into the same works of art! The end result will be unique and carefully crafted images that stand out from the rest. 

I have lots of equipment at my disposal to recreate this genre of images, and in general this is done indoors with studio lighting. There are numerous elements that go into creating beautiful retro style portraits, namely lighting, hair & make-up, wardrobe, accessories, setting, and then finally expression, poses and attitude. 

The lighting is meticulously precise, making sure with small variations that it is just right. Once set, the model does not move all that much from the set pose, but instead works on getting the expression just right. Each scene or picture requires that the lights, equipment and subject be re-set for the next shot. It all takes time and patience, but the results are wonderful! 

I am very active in helping the model achieve the right look on set. However, I highly suggest that models use a good hair & make-up artist to get the look right. It can make a dramatic difference for this style. Some things to consider include: eye lash extensions, dark lipstick, appropriate hair style, and nails in a dark polish. Old fashioned jewellery, such as dangling earrings, pearls, etc., accessories such as large hats, furs, and veils, and appropriate clothing all add to the image authenticity. I can certainly help with guidance and ideas.